Coffee Share

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We are partnering up with Four Monkeys Coffee, to offer our members Fair Trade Organic Coffee, roasted by our friends in in Kutztown, PA.  

The Coffee Share is an 11 week share, running every other week for the duration of our entire CSA season. Every other week members can enjoy a 12 oz bag of fresh roasted Fair Trade and Organic coffee.

About Four Monkeys

Four Monkeys is a small batch roaster; we don’t direct import our beans. We are committed to sourcing responsibly farmed organic beans from small farms who take pride in their ability to provide high quality beans while maintaining stewardship of the environment and providing quality of life improvements to their families and employees.  

Coffee Roasters Colleen and Chris
Coffee Roasters Colleen and Chris

At Four Monkeys Coffee, We care about the environment and want to have the least negative impact we can. Besides working with Organic farmers, our packaging is the best place for us to make that effort. Four Monkeys provides Earth First recyclable packaging. The coffee bags are made from 40% recycled natural kraft paper. The bag is lined with EarthFirst PLA a compostable film made from Ingeo polymer which is made from annually renewable plants.