Collingswood, NJ

Schedule & Pick Up Information

Our Collingswood Pick Up is on Wednesdays from 5pm-7pm

First CSA Pick Up is Wednesday, May 29th

Final CSA Pick Up is Wednesday, October 30th

Farm Shares (CSA) are located at Occasionette, 724 Haddon Ave.

The Farm Share Pick Up is essentially self-serve, however, your host is always on site, helping to show you where everything is.

Members must check off their name on the sign-in sheet (very important!).

Please note that even if the shares are handed to you by your host, it is the responsibility of each member to make sure you are receiving the proper share.

Vegetable Shares come packed in boxes and are labeled accordingly with the size of your share (Small, Medium, or Large). The labels for the shares are color-coded:  The small share is green, the medium share is orange, and the large share is blue.   Members can take home the packed box, or bring their own bag.  If you prefer to take the box itself, please return it the following week!  

Fruit Shares are delivered in bags. Note that these are summer shares and are not set to begin until mid to late July.  The fruit share will then run for 15 weeks.  We will let our fruit share members know when to expect the start of this share.

EggDairy & Cheese Shares are delivered in coolers for optimal freshness. Members take out their ordered shares from the cooler. Dairy & Cheese shares are labeled with each members’ name.

Note the Dairy & Cheese shares are delivered every other week!

Mushroom Shares are delivered in brown paper bags, labeled with each members’ name.  This is a 23-week share and will be delivered weekly right along with your vegetable shares. 

As always, please be sure to take ONLY the shares that you have ordered.  Your shares are listed on the sign in sheet.  If there are ever any questions on the day of pick up we encourage you to please give us a call.