CSA Schedule & Pick Up Information

Our Kutztown Pick Up is on Thursdays from 4pm-6:30pm

Final Summer CSA Delivery is Thursday, November 5th.

** First Winter CSA Delivery is Thursday November 12th **

The Winter CSA season runs for 7 weeks.

Shares will be delivered each week on Thursdays.

For Thanksgiving week the CSA delivery will be on Tuesday 11/24.

The final (7th) week the CSA delivery will be on Tuesday 12/22.

Please note that we are not able to make up vacation holds for our winter share like we do for the summer share! 

Please refer to the FAQ Page on our website for more information regarding vacation holds.

Farm Shares (CSA) are located at

Four Monkeys Coffee, 100 Constitution Blvd

Pick Up Information

Members can approach the take out window, tell them your name, and they will hand you your share. 

Note!  Four monkeys also has a CSA drop with another farm at this time!  Please remember that you are part of Taproot CSA.

Members must check off their names on the sign-in sheet (very important!).

    • Please note that even if the shares are handed to you by your host, it is the responsibility of each member to make sure you are receiving the proper share.

Vegetable Shares come packed in boxes and are labeled by share size.  Members should bring their own bag to the pickup, and unpack the contents of their share into the box.

If you prefer to take the box itself, please DO NOT return it.  We will not be able to reuse boxes once they have left the pickup location.

Please DO NOT return any containers that hold the veggies inside your box.  Please also DO NOT leave any containers at the pickup location.  

Fruit Shares are delivered in separate bags.  Our fruit share begins late July.  If you have signed up for a fruit share with us we will be in touch with you then!

Egg & Cheese Shares are delivered in coolers for optimal freshness. Members take out their ordered shares from the cooler.

Cheese shares are labeled with each members’ name.

  • Note the Cheese shares are delivered every other week starting with the second week!
  • Please DO NOT return the egg cartons.

Mushroom Shares are delivered in brown paper bags, labeled with each members’ name.  These shares are delivered weekly right along with your vegetable shares. 

Coffee Shares are set out in boxes, labeled with each members’ name

  • Note the Coffee shares are delivered every other week starting with the second week!

As always, please be sure to ONLY take the shares you have ordered.  Your shares are listed on the sign-in sheet.  If there are ever any questions on the day of pick up we encourage you to please give us a call.