Organically Grown Vegetable Shares

Enjoy a season filled with fresh, certified organic, and locally grown produce.   

We offer a 5-month vegetable subscription in 3 sizes:

Small, Medium & Large (see below for pricing and details).  

Each week we craft your Farm Share to include a diverse bounty of seasonal vegetables.  Your share will be filled with new and exciting veggies each week, while also including the tried and true favorites.

What does that mean? At Taproot our CSA shares mix in the basics with a little bit of the fun and unfamiliar.  

Strawberries, Tomatoes, Zucchini, and Green beans?  Definitely.

Asian & Italian specialty cooking greens, Shishito Peppers, and the sweetest Winter Squash you’ve ever tasted?  You better believe it.

We craft your weekly shares to include:

    • Cooking greens 
    • Salad greens 
    • Fresh herb or allium 
    • Fruits
    • Snacking Veggies
    • Veggie veggies 
    • Something Starchy (potatoes, sweet corn, sweet potatoes)

100% of our vegetables are grown here in our fields here at Taproot Farm.

Along with your veggies, we send weekly emails with veggie storage tips, cooking tips, and specially crafted recipes just for your CSA that week.

Now let’s dig in…What to Expect in Your Weekly Share


Taproot grows a wide variety of tomatoes including Plums, Red Slicers, Cherries, Heirlooms and more! As long as tomatoes are in season, you can expect to receive them every week.

Berries and Melons

A Taproot Farm differentiator is that we manage an acre of organically grown blueberries. While they’re in season we include them in your share. Other berries and melons to expect while in season are Strawberries, Watermelons, and Sweet Cantaloupes

Salad Greens

For the majority of the season, your share will consist of one salad green. These include mainly head lettuces (reds & greens, bibs & butter heads).  However, throughout the seasons we also mix it up with spring mixes, microgreens, escarole, radicchio…and more.

Cooking Greens

For the majority of the season, you will find one cooking green in your share. Varieties include; Rainbow Swiss Chard, Kales, Boc Choy, Spigariello, and Komatsuna…we love our Asian and Italian Cooking greens!


Each week you will receive a seasonal veggie in your share. Varieties include: Sugar Snap Peas, Sweet Corn, Summer Squash, Potatoes, Green Beans, Cucumbers, Cabbages, Sweet Potatoes, Sweet Peppers, Eggplants, Carrots, Beets, Radishes, & Broccoli & Winter Squashes…to name a few!

Herbs & Alliums

For the majority of the season, you will find a fresh herb, onion, or garlic along with your CSA bounty.  Varieties include; Scallions, Spring Onions, Sweet Onions, Green Garlic, Garlic Scapes, Fresh & Cured Garlic, Leeks, Shallots, Onions, Fresh Basil, Dill, Parsley & Cilantro.

Due to the inherent nature of farming, we don’t guarantee any one item listed above, but we strive for diversity in your shares each week and throughout the season.