Pasture-Raised Egg Shares

pasture-raised egg shares

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Healthy Eggs from Happy Hens!

Pasture-raised eggs have more Omega-3s and Vitamin A than eggs from hens that live indoors. They have a rich, delicious flavor that is unparalleled. The deep orange yolk and perky egg-white of a pasture-raised egg is unmistakable.

We raise our laying hens on a rotated pasture and feed our hens local, organic, and NON-GMO grain. The hens freely roam in up to a 1/2 acre of moveable electric fence, which we use to keep predators at bay. That’s 71.6 square feet per bird!  Chickens thrive in this natural environment. They spend their days eating grasses and foraging for insects under open sky. Our eggs are 100% sunshine eggs!