Winter Cheese Share

Winter Cheese & Dairy Share

Valley Milkhouse from the Oley Valley and Birchrun Hills from Chester County team up to deliver our members award-winning cheeses.

The milk used by Valley Milkhouse comes from two dairies: Spring Creek Farm and Dutch Meadows Dairy. Both farms are certified organic dairies, feeding their cows a 100% grass based diet.

Birchrun Hills produce cheeses from their own milk, and is a family owned and operated dairy farm in Chester County. Cheese maker Sue Miller and her family raise a vivacious herd of dairy cows on fertile pastures. The farmstead creamery is devoted to good animal husbandry, optimal soil and pasture health, and the production of high quality milk that yields some of the best cheeses from the region. Sue’s animals do receive a small ration of grains to help balance their diet.

The Winter Cheese & Dairy Share is a 3 week share, running every other week for the duration of our 6 week Winter CSA season.