Winter Dairy Shares

Wholesome Dairy Farms

For our Winter season we are partnering up with Wholesome Dairy Farms located in Yellow House, PA. 

Our Dairy Share options include Plain Yogurt and Cultured Butter.

This yogurt & butter, like all products from Wholesome Dairy, is made from unprocessed whole milk from their herd of grass fed cows.

The cream rises to the top during incubation for the yogurt, so the first spoonful is a creamy, dreamy delight. The 32 ounce glass jar can be recycled or reused for multiple purposes at your home.

The butter is cultured and lightly salted.

For the cows. For the environment.  For your health.

Mark Lopez, owner and Farmer of Wholesome Dairy Farms
Mark Lopez, owner and Farmer of Wholesome Dairy Farms

Dairy Farmer Mark Lopez has a commitment to produce quality products that are good for the consumer, the environment and his cows.

Wholesome Dairy currently has 51 milking Ayrshire cows that graze on pastures from April to November. Mark prefers to use Ayrshire cows over the typical Holstein cow that is most often used in industrial dairy. He believes they are better grazers, have good cheese yield, excellent temperament, and offer an incomparable difference in the taste of the milk.

(Photos on this page are courtesy of Kimberton Wholefoods)