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CSA Pick Up Instructions for Members

Share Information

  • Vegetable shares come packed in boxes and are labeled by share size. 
  • Vegetable shares are delivered each week.
  • Fruit shares are delivered and packed in separate bags, set up beside the vegetable shares.  
  • Fruit shares begin in July and are delivered each week.
  • Both the egg and cheese shares are delivered in coolers for optimal freshness. Members take out their ordered shares from the cooler.
  • Egg Shares are delivered each week.
  • Cheese shares are delivered bi-weekly
  • Mushroom shares are delivered and packed in separate bags, set up beside the vegetable shares.  
  • Pasta shares are set out in boxes beside the vegetable shares.
  • Mushroom & Pasta shares are delivered each week.
  • Coffee shares are set out in boxes beside the vegetable shares.
  • Coffee shares are delivered bi-weekly
  • Tea shares are packed in individual boxes and delivered at the start of each month.

Most Asked Questions

It’s best to contact us at 

However, please text us on the day of your pick up if you need any help with your share.

No problem! We understand that the CSA season is also vacation season! Members can schedule a vacation hold through their online account, then double up on another week to make up for the missed share or choose to donate their share for the week to our local food bank.

All vacation holds and made up shares must be requested prior to the week they are needed.

Holds and doubles will include all of the shares you are registered for (i.e., veggies, eggs, cheese, etc.)

There is no limit to the number of vacation holds for a given member.

Yes. Members can always switch their location, no problem. If you need a temporary location switch, we ask that you please do so with a 1 week notice. Members can go right into their own account online and schedule their location switch.

If you need a complete switch at any point in the season from one location to another, that is also not a problem. Please contact the farm to make a complete location switch.

Yes and no. If you would like to add an  additional share such as eggs or mushrooms after the season has begun, you may do so as long as we have them available. 

If you would like to change your Vegetable Share Size, you may do so as well. We do not offer a refund if you choose to downgrade your share size. If you are uncertain about the best share size for your household, we encourage members to purchase smaller shares to start. If, as the season progresses, you find yourself wanting a larger share, you are more than welcome to upgrade at any time and we will prorate the balance.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any CSA share past the allotted time of your pick up, even 5 minutes past. We will, however, do everything we can to try & save that share for you! Please call us as soon as you suspect you’ll be late or miss your pick up.

Sure! You don’t need to contact us about this.  Please just be sure to pass along our cell phone number to your friend, and please be sure to give them all if the information they need for a smooth pick up.