Vegetable Shares

Enjoy a season filled with fresh, certified organic, and locally grown produce.

We believe in growing only fresh, organic produce that you can trust. We don’t grow anything we wouldn’t feed to our own family and we want you to feel confident in the food that you feed yours. 

fresh seasonal organic produce

Here Are The Details

Summer Vegetable Share Pricing

We offer 3 share sizes to best fit the needs of different sized households.

Interested in giving our CSA a try before making the full commitment?  Sign up for our TRIAL Share!  

Our Trial Share is our most popular Medium Share: 7-8 items each week for a total of 5 weeks: $175.


5-6 items/week
$552 ($24 a week for 23 weeks)

The small share consists of 5-6 items each week & is perfect for an individual or 2 person household who enjoys cooking throughout the week, or a larger household that cooks at home just a few times a week.


7-8 items/week
$713 ($31 a week for 23 weeks)

The medium share consists of 7-8 items each week and is is perfect for a household of 2-4 that enjoys to cook throughout the week, a smaller household of that cooks most meals, or a larger household that cooks a couple of times each week.


10-11 items/week
$989 ($43 a week for 23 weeks)

The large share consists of 10-11 items each week. It caters to those with a passion for veggies who love to cook their daily meals. The share is perfect for a household of 3+, or a smaller household who cooks most of their meals.

Seasonal Shares

From seed to harvest we craft your weekly shares to include cooking & salad greens, tomatoes,  fresh herbs & alliums, berries & melons, veggies to snack on like cucumbers, sweet peppers & carrots, and everything in between from green beans & zucchini to sweet corn & broccoli, to winter squashes & potatoes.

Each week our CSA includes salad greens & tomatoes for as long as the season permits!

We have laid out examples of fruits and vegetables that may be included in our weekly CSA share for our summer season.

Click here for a more detailed list.

Extra Shares Available to Add On