Taproot Farm

Pork Share


Pork Share

Pork Share Pricing: $204 ($68 a month for 3 distributions)

We raise heritage breed pigs on pasture and in woodlands, allowing them to roam, root, and eat grass and whatever else they fancy while digging in the soil. We provide them with locally grown Certified Organic feed and minerals, and of course, some of our fruits and vegetables that weren’t quality enough for market, but delicious treats for them!

The share has 3 distributions in early September, October & November.

Each distribution consists of approximately 5-7 LBS of meat.

Total pork share consists of approximately 17 LBS of meat.

Cuts will include a variety of sausage, roasts, pork chops, bacon, etc.

Bacon is naturally cured and our original sausage recipes include natural ingredients such as sea salt, rapadura sugar, herbs & spices.

The Coffee Roasters

Four Monkeys Coffee is a small batch coffee roaster located in Kutztown, PA.

“We are committed to ensuring our coffee is sourced responsibly from small farms who take pride in their ability to provide high quality beans while maintaining stewardship of the environment & providing quality of life improvements to their families and employees.”