Simple and Flavorful Baked Brie, Kale & Hakurei Turnip Naan Pizza

I think if we had to pick one thing everyone would agree on, it would be a love of pizza! I know very few people who can honestly say they dislike it and (if they do) this recipe might change their mind. Naan pizzas are my easy “go-to” when I really want pizza but also don’t want a whole pie sitting around and also like the convenience of making it at home with ingredients I already have on hand. Naan bread (which you can find in the grocery store – a pita bread will work as well!) serves perfectly as a crust base and you can easily top it with all of your favorites! This meal is ready in under 20 minutes (*a huge weeknight win!*) and is a great way to enjoy some vegetables in your refrigerator! In this recipe I used kale and Hakurei turnip from Taproot Farm (also works great with spinach and kohlrabi!), along with tomato sauce, goat brie, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil! It’s simple, delicious and incredibly easy to make (and also personalize from person to person!). I hope you enjoy making these mini pizzas as much as I do – happy cooking and eating! 🙂

Whole Wheat Naan, Topped with Tomato Sauce, Goat Brie, Kale, Hakurei Turnip and Cherry Tomatoes, Sprinkled with Fresh Basil, Salt and Pepper

Serves 1 Person (*Can Easily be Multiplied)
Recipe by © Alysha Melnyk 2018

Kitchen Tools:

Oven, Preheated to 425°F
1 Sheet Pan
Pizza Cutter
Peeler (*For Shaving Turnip)


Olive Oil
1 Naan Bread (*You can also use a pita bread)
1/3 Cup (*or more) Pizza Sauce or Red Sauce of Choice (I used a tomato basil red sauce I had on hand)
1/3 Cup Goat Brie, Thinly Sliced (*You can use any cheese you prefer/any amount)
1/2 Cup Kale, Destemmed and Torn Into Pieces (*Spinach also works)
1/4 Cup Shaved Hakurei turnip (*Kohlrabi also works)
3/4 Cup Cherry Tomatoes, Sliced in Half
3-4 Leaves Fresh Basil, Torn into Pieces
Optional: Black Pepper, Salt For Topping


1. Preheat the oven to 425°F.
2. Drizzle olive oil on sheet pan, then toss front and back of naan bread in oil to coat it (this helps the crust get nice and crispy).
3. Next, add sauce (leaving small crust edges).
4. Then, top sauce with thinly sliced brie, kale pieces, shaved turnip and sliced cherry tomatoes.
5. Bake in oven for 7-10 minutes (until preferred crispiness is achieved – I bake mine for 10).
6. Sprinkle with black pepper and salt, top with fresh torn basil leaves.
7. Let cool five minutes, then slice as preferred.
8. Enjoy! 🙂