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Mushroom Share


Mushroom Share

Pricing ½ Pound each week $207 ($9 a week)

We partner with our friends at Primordia Mushroom Farm to bring you the very best, fresh-harvested, chemical-free, locally grown mushrooms.

Each week you receive a ½ pound of their freshly harvested mushrooms. Varieties rotate from week to week and include Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, Piopinno, Blue Gray & Gold Oyster, & Maitake.

For 23 weeks beginning right along with your vegetable share.

About The Producer

Primordia Mushroom Farm

Primordia mushroom farm is a family owned and built farm and business nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of eastern Pennsylvania.   We grow a diversity of quality mushrooms indoors year round, and forage and source a constant evolving breadth of wild and eclectic edibles.  

“Providing beautiful, interesting and healthful foods was our goal at the inception of our farm, and that remains the core of what we do.”

Mushroom Inspired Dishes