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Pasta Share


Pasta Share

Pasta Share Pricing: $77 ($7 a week for 11 weeks)

12oz bag of pasta every other week for the duration of the CSA season.

The Pasta Lab is a small pasta producer based in Philadelphia, PA. Owners Gina & Chris make a rotating variety of pasta, all highlighting locally-grown grain and ingredients from the mid-atlantic region. We are so excited to work with them this season!

CSA shares include one 12oz bag of dried pasta. 

Varieties include: Rigatoni, Ditalini, Gnochetti Aardi, Conchiglie, Gemelli, Paccheri, & others.

The Pasta Lab uses a large percentage of locally grown stone ground flour in their extruded pasta. CSA members can expect to see the following wheat varieties throughout the season: Warthog, Glenn, Redeemer, Spelt, Rye, Emmer, Einkorn

All pasta varieties are egg free.

“We discovered the unique flavor of freshly-milled, stone ground flour years ago after a persistent obsession with bread baking. At the time, we were sourcing as many varieties of wheat that we could get our hands on and milling this into flour on our small tabletop grain mill.

This flour eventually found its way into fresh pasta which is when we asked ourselves, “Why are the pasta-makers of the world voluntarily choosing to make their product with flavorless highly-refined wheat flour of unknown origin?” Well, we’re still searching for the answer.

“Wheat has terroir in much the same way that wine and coffee do. We started this project as a way to share the flavor and variety of local grain with our community while slowly strengthening our regional grain economy. By purchasing our product you are showing support for independent farmers, millers, & pasta makers.”

– Gina & Chris

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